The successful development of our Asian infrastructure, engineering, and technical manufacturing expertise has enabled us to grow into a world class built-to-print electronic PCB solutions provider.

Building customer loyalty and keeping our customers satisfied is also a strategic focus supported by specific programs and detailed action plans at J-Cube Technologies Inc.

These programs and plans strengthen five important characteristics of our customer-centered company:

  • Know you and your business better, as well as what you want and need from a PCB provider.

  • Set clear expectations on the services we will deliver … and then live up to that expectation.

  • Continuously evaluate whether you believe our services are living up to your expectations.

  • Measure our employees’ contributions to your satisfaction and reward the successes of individual employees and teams.

  • Build a total customer experience that is consistent across our organization, sets us apart from our competitors and is based on the actions you value most.

Servicing OEM, ODM & CM’s 

The mission of J-Cube Technologies Inc. is to offer its clients high value, premium and guaranteed quality production services with the lowest rates and the fastest turnaround time in the competitive marketplace.

Our second mission is to be your preferred PCB solution provider by continuously innovating and expanding our products and services to meet all of your needs. Our customers tell us they keep coming back to J-Cube Technologies Inc. because of our high quality, low cost, on-time shipping, fantastic customer service, and personal dedication to their needs.

Our fabrication facilities give us the capability of producing PCBs such as FR4, High Temp FR4, Rogers High Frequency, Heavy Copper, and High Density. We also have expertise at delivering Impedance Control, Buried & Blind Holed, and multiple layered PCBs.

About Us

Technology at Your Fingertips

Our printed circuit board manufacturers specialize in different areas of PCB manufacturing, giving us the unique ability to not only build your boards economically, but to also maintain the highest quality standards. Because of our high order volumes we have negotiated pricing much lower and we believe you cannot find a better value anywhere else.

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